Having a home inspection done on the home you are about to purchase is one of the most important parts to the home buying and selling process.  This inspection should be as thorough and accurate as possible.  The Lavender Team is committed to provide you with the information you need to Ensure Confident Home Ownership.  Our licensed and experienced inspectors know what to look for to ensure you know all about the structure, electrical, plumbing, HVAC and appliance systems in your home.  When they are done with the inspection, they will even print and hand you the report on site.  Don’t worry we will also send you a digital copy for your records.  

The Lavender Team is your local full-service professional home inspection team in the Greater Houston and surrounding area, working with home buyers, home sellers, and real estate professionals for the last 22 years.  We understand that our clients are making one of the most important purchases of their lives.  They aren’t just buying a house they are investing in a home and a future.  They want knowledgeable, thorough, and above all honest, diligent professionals who go the extra mile.  Our inspectors don’t merely catalog deficiencies but educate home buyers on their individual home in easily understandable language and terms.  We answer questions at the time of inspection and long after it’s over.  When you schedule a home inspection with The Lavender Team you’ve purchased a continuing commitment to quality as well as the most comprehensive report in the industry.

For Our Clients

We pride ourselves on customer service and the thoroughness of our inspections.  The Lavender Team will inspect every inch of the home, usually taking 2 – 4 hours depending on the square footage, age, and complexity of the home.  If possible, we strongly encourage prospective buyers to accompany us during the inspection, ask questions, and above all become familiar with their new home.  Don’t worry about taking notes – we will provide you with a detailed report, including pictures.  Additional services, if requested may be detailed in separate reports and delivered via email upon completion of the testing protocols and /or receipt of independent lab analysis after the initial inspection.  

For Our Real Estate Professionals

Our work at The Lavender Team is a commitment to the understanding that their reputation is our responsibility and reinforces the confidence your clients have in the process of buying or selling their home.  We offer convenient scheduling, making us a one stop shop for all your home inspection needs.  We are here to make your life easy.  

More than 2 Decades in the Home Inspection Industry

  • Our professional inspection services are rated one of the best in the local home inspection industry, and we communicate openly and effectively with every client, educating them on all aspects of the home.
  • Our experience includes more than 10,000 professional home inspections in the Greater Houston area, and involves residential homes and multi unit complexes of all types.
  • We are qualified to inspect both new construction and older homes and complexes.
  • Our experience, professionalism, and dedication to excellence is why customers use us again if they need another home inspection in the future, and refer our services to family members and friends.

Home Inspection with a Difference

We believe in providing only the highest quality home inspection services, and a professional inspection will take between two and five hours to finish and record the findings. Every inspection that we do covers all major items and components of the home, so our clients are assured of honest and accurate inspection results. A prompt arrival and exceptional customer service are combined with a very thorough home inspection and comprehensive results.

The inspection report we provide is printed on site, and includes pictures of any home items or areas that may cause a problem. We save the inspection report in a PDF form and email it the same day to the client and buyers agent. We educate our customers on how to operate and maintain the home, in addition to an open evaluation of the home condition which is unbiased and highly accurate. We welcome client participation and questions, and can be reached with any concerns or questions even after the inspector has left the site. We have a supra to be able to access entry into homes.

What Clients Say About Us

We receive comments from clients all the time about our home inspection services, and we have a very high customer satisfaction rating. Our customers tell us that our attention to detail and extensive knowledge and experience make us one of the best. Clients say that we are very detailed and thorough, and note that we take time to walk through and explain the inspection report with them. Many state that the inspection report was more comprehensive and detailed than expected.

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